Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone Western Zone
Facility's Region Tabora
Facility's District Sikonge
Facility's Council Sikonge DC
Facility's Location Near Tutuo Heath centre
Common Facility Name AMEC
Registration ID Not set
CTC ID Not set
MTUHA Code Not set
MSD ID Not set


Facility Type Dispensary
Facility Ownership Private - Faith based organization (FBO) - Other Denominations
Facility Operating Status Operating
Facility Registration Status Registered

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) -5.48138,32.6768
Location Description Near Tutuo Heath centre
Waypoint Number Amec
Altitude(Meters) 1139
Service Areas(Villages) Tutuo
Catchment Population 4356
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 14/02/2002
Year 18

Contact Information

Postal Address 49
Postal Code Not set
Official Phone # Not set
Official Fax # Not set
Official Email Not set
Facility In-Charge Name Abihudi Salige
Facility In-Charge Cadre Clinical Officer
Website Not set


Reception Room(s) 1
Consultation Room(s) 1
Dressing Room(s) 1
Ward Room(s) Not set
Injection Room(s) Not set
Observation Room(s) 1
Remarks Shortage of rooms
Patient Beds 2
Deliery Beds 2
Baby Cots 2
Ambulances Not set
Cars Not set
Motorcycles Not set
Other Transport Not set
Sterilazation and Infection Control
Means of Transport to Referral Point Nil
Distance to Referral Point 18 km
Challanges/Remarks to Referral Point Not set
Source of Energy National Grid
Other Source of Energy Not set
Mobile Networks Airtel
Other Mobile Networks TTCL
Source of Water Protected Dug Well
Protected Spring
Rainwater Harvesting
Other Source of Water Not set
Toilet Facility Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (VIP)
Toilet Remarks Not set
Waste Management Incinerator
Other Waste Management Not set

Service Offered

General Clinical Services OPD - Outpatient Services
IMCI - Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment mRDT - Rapid Diagnostic Tests
First Line Treatment
Treatment of Complicated Malaria
TB Diagnosis,Care and Treatment Not set
Cardiouvascula Care and Treatment Not set
HIV/AIDS Prevention STI - Management of Sexually Transmitted Illness
VCT - Voluntary Counseling and Testing
PITC - Provider Initiated Testing And Counseling
DCT - Diagnostic Counseling and Testing
EID - Early Infant Diagnosis
PMTCT - Maternity (MAT PMTCT)
HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment HBC - Home and Community Based Care
Therapeutics Dispensing Room
Prosthetics and Medical Devices Not set
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Not set
Diagnosis Serices Lab: Parasitology
Lab: Microbiology
Reproductive & Child Health Care Serices Family Planning
Antenatal Care
Postnatal Care
BEmOC - Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
Post-Abortion Care
Newborn Care
Growth Monitoring/Nutrition & Surveliance Not set
Oral Health Services(Dental Serices) Not set
ENT Services Not set
Sterilazation and Infection Control Autoclave
Boiling Pot
Safety Box
Support Services Not set
Emergency Preparedness Not set
Other Services Not set

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