Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone
Facility's Region
Facility's District
Facility's Council
Facility's Location 40843 DSM
Common Facility Name
Registration ID 113180-4
CTC ID 113180-4
MTUHA Code 113180-4
MSD ID 113180-4


Facility Type 14
Facility Ownership Priv
Facility Operating Status 1
Facility Registration Status 7

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) Not set
Location Description 40843 DSM
Waypoint Number
Service Areas(Villages)
Catchment Population
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 1970-01-01

Contact Information

Postal Address 40843 DSM
Postal Code Not set
Official Phone # 655730650
Official Fax # Not set
Official Email
Facility In-Charge Namel Bibiana Mtua Komba
Facility In-Charge Cadre
Facility In-Charge Email
Facility In-Charge NID 19741017-14127-00001-11
Facility In-Charge Mobile Phone # 655730650


Infrastructure DescriptionCategory Description
National GridSource of Energy
Flush Toilet Piped into Septic TankToilet Facility
Piped Water to Yard/PlotSource of Water

Service Offered

Service CategoryService Description


Equipment DescriptionFunctionalNon FunctionalUnder MaintananceTotal

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