Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone Southern Highlands Zone
Facility's Region Mbeya Region
Facility's District Mbeya District
Facility's Council Mbeya CC
Facility's Location 450, Mbeya
Common Facility Name Dr Kanama Hospital
Registration ID 103323-2
CTC ID 103323-2
MTUHA Code 103323-2
MSD ID 103323-2


Facility Type Hospital at Regional Level
Facility Ownership Private
Facility Operating Status Operating
Facility Registration Status Registered

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) -8.90945,33.45367
Location Description 450, Mbeya
Waypoint Number
Service Areas(Villages)
Catchment Population
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 1970-01-01

Contact Information

Postal Address 450, Mbeya
Postal Code P.O BOX 450
Official Phone # 2503330
Official Fax # 2504373
Official Email Not set
Facility In-Charge Namel Innocent Martin Lawi
Facility In-Charge Cadre MCT4457
Facility In-Charge Email Not set
Facility In-Charge NID 19930921-11103-00001-27
Facility In-Charge Mobile Phone # 0717181036


Infrastructure DescriptionCategory Description
National GridSource of Energy
GeneratorSource of Energy
Flush Toilet Piped into Septic TankToilet Facility
Burning ChamberWaste Management
Piped Water into Health FacilitySource of Water
TTCLCommunication Network

Service Offered

Service CategoryService Description
General Clinical ServicesOPD - Outpatient Services
General Clinical ServicesIPD - Inpatient Services
General Clinical ServicesIMCI - Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
General Clinical ServicesDiabetes Care and Treatment
General Clinical ServicesNutritional Counseling
General Clinical ServicesMajor Surgical Interventions
General Clinical ServicesMinor Surgical Interventions
General Clinical ServicesMental Health Services
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentSlide Microscopy
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentmRDT - Rapid Diagnostic Tests
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentFirst Line Treatment
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentTreatment of Complicated Malaria
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentSmear Microscopy
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentX-Ray
HIV/AIDS PreventionSTI - Management of Sexually Transmitted Illness
HIV/AIDS PreventionVCT - Voluntary Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionPITC - Provider Initiated Testing And Counseling
HIV/AIDS PreventionDCT - Diagnostic Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionEID - Early Infant Diagnosis
HIV/AIDS PreventionPMTCT - Maternity (MAT PMTCT)
HIV/AIDS PreventionPEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis
TherapeuticsDispensing Room
Diagnostic ServicesLaboratory
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesFamily Planning
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAntenatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesPostnatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesBEmOC - Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesCEmOC - Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesPost-Abortion Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesManagement of Hypertensive Pregnancies (Pre-eclampsia)
Growth Monitoring / Nutrition SurveillanceVaccination
Growth Monitoring / Nutrition SurveillanceIMM-BASIC - Basic Immunization
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Surgical Intervetion
Support ServicesKitchen Services
Support ServicesMortuary Services
Emergency PreparednessBasic Emergency Preparedness
Emergency PreparednessComprehensive Emergency Preparedness
Radiology ServicesDental services
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAdolescent Reproductive Health Services
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesMaternal and Newborn Care
Cardiovascular Care and TreatmentECG
Cardiovascular Care and TreatmentECHO
TherapeuticsCommunity Mobilization
TherapeuticsHealth promoting hospital innitiative
General Clinical ServicesNutritional Counseling
General Clinical ServicesNutritional Rehabilitation
Non-Communicable Diseases Care and Treatment Asthma
Non-Communicable Diseases Care and TreatmentHypertensive and Cardiovascular
Technical ServicesOffice of the In Charge
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Emergency Dental Services
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Restoration
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Scaling
Radiology ServicesUltrasound
ENT ServicesENT Services
ENT ServicesGeneral ENT
ENT ServicesHead and Neck Surgery
Eye Care and Treatment Identification and referral of common eye diseases
Eye Care and TreatmentEye health promotion and education
Eye Care and TreatmentTreatment of simple eye ailments
General Clinical ServicesPhysiotherapy
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyBlood Smear for Haemoparasites
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyMalaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (mRDT)
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyOccult Blood
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyStool Analysis
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyUrine Analysis
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyCryptococcal in CSF
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyCulture and Sensitivity
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySkin Smear for AFB
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySperm Analysis
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySputum Smear for AFB
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySwabs for Gram Stain
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySwabs for Wet
Laboratory Service-SerologyAnt Streptolysin O Titre (ASOT)
Laboratory Service-SerologyBrucella Weil’s test
Laboratory Service-SerologyChlamydia
Laboratory Service-SerologyCryptococcal Antigen Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyDBS for HEID
Laboratory Service-SerologyDengue Haemorrhagic fever
Laboratory Service-SerologyHelicobacter pylori
Laboratory Service-SerologyHepatitis B Surface Antigen Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyHepatitis C Surface Antigen Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyHIV Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyHIV Viral Load
Laboratory Service-SerologyHormonal Tests
Laboratory Service-SerologyHuman Papiloma Virus
Laboratory Service-SerologyProstate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Laboratory Service-SerologyRheumatoid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyRPR/ VDRL Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyTumor Markers
Laboratory Service-SerologyWidal test
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionABO Blood Grouping
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBleeding Indices
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBleeding Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBlood Cross matching
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBlood Indices
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionCD4 Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionClotting Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionCoomb’s Test
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionEosinophils Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionFull Blood Picture
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionHaemoglobin Estimation
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionPlatelets Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionProthrombin Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionReticulocyte count Prothrombin Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionSickle Cell Screening Test
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionWhite Blood Cell Differential Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionWhite Blood Cell Total Count
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryBlood Sugar/ Glucose Test (POCT)
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryCardiac Profile Tests
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryCRP (POCT)
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryGlycosylated Haemoglobin
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryLipid Profile Test
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryLiver Function Tests
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryRenal Function Test
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryRenal Function Tests
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryUPT
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryUrine Chemistry
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyAspirates
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyBody Fluids
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyPap Smears
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologySeminal Fluid
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyTissue Autopsy
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyTissue Biopsy


Equipment DescriptionFunctionalNon FunctionalUnder MaintananceTotal
Safety Box1001
Digital X-Ray machine 1001
Laundry machine1001
Advanced Ultrasound machine. 1001
Basic Ultrasound1001
CR-System 1001
Chemiluminescence immunoassay 1001
Beakers ( 500ml)2002
Beakers (1000ml)2002
Centrifuge Machine (Electrical, RCF, RPM) 1001
Chemistry Analyser (POC) 1001
Cold boxes 1001
Haematology Analyser (POC) 1001
Hot plate 1001
Maximum/Minimum thermometer3003
Measuring cylinder (1000ml)1001
Microscope Binocular (Electrical)2002
Pipette adjustable (10 – 200L)1001
Pipette adjustable (200 – 1000L1001
Refrigerator with freezing compartment2002
Reserve Electrical Generator (Optional)1001
Shaker (horizontal) 1001
Sink with elbow taps 3003
Small Notice Board2002
Staining rack1001
Stop Watch,1001
Urine analyser Machine1001
Visitor’s Chair2002
Water bath 1001
Weighing scale (Analytical) 0.000-1000gm 1001
Hematology analyzer1001
Air compressor4004
Ambu bag Adult4004
Ambu Bag Children 4004
Ambu bag Neonate 4004
Baby cot 1001
Baby Warmer 1001
Bed elevator and Back rest 13000130
Bed Pans,100010
Chattel forceps 5005
Clinical thermometer5005
Immunization trays/Vaccine carrier/cold box1001
Medicine Tray ss 4004
Sphygmomanometer (BP Machine)2002
Standard hospital white bed with wheels and mattress covered with Mackintosh. 12000120
All equipment and instruments for extraction and minor oral surgery5005
Alloy and mercury dispenser 1001
Amalgam carrier 8008
Amalgamator 1001
Complete sets of tooth extractions and minor operations. 5005
Dental chair maneuverable to all operating positions 3003
Dental Periapical x-ray 1001
Dental unit to operate either air motor or turbine hand piece with connections for air and water 3003
Doctor’s operating stool6006
Excavators No. 125/126 and 127/128 each 300030
Extraction forceps 5005
Extraction forceps and elevators5005
Extraction forceps both for all teeth of children and adults5005
Filling instruments2002
Hand instruments for tooth restoration2002
Hand pieces (low and high speed)9009
Hand piece-straight 3003
Instrument trays of different sizes, small and medium100010
Operating table4004
Major operating light4004
Airways Adult/children 5005
Anaesthetic Machine 1203
Anaesthetic trolley 1001
Casting machine 1001
Complete anaesthesia, resuscitation and airway management system (Boyles machine) consisting of Oxygen source 1001
Complete Anaesthesia, Resuscitation And Airway Management System (Boyles Machine) Consisting Of Oxygen Source, Vaporizers, Hoses, Valves, Bellows Or Bag To Inflate Lungs 1001
Complete delivery beds with Mackintosh 1001
Cushions (U-pillow) 220022
Delivery Kits 100010
Diathermy machine 2002
Dressing drums different sizes, small and medium110011
Dressing tray100010
Dressing trolleys (different sizes) 7007
Emergency Medicine Tray 2002
Examination beds 130013
Examination light 1001
Forceps bowl5005
Guided Airway Children 5005
Height measurement4004
Infant warming and resuscitation cart 1001
Jar forceps with cheatle forceps2002
Laryngoscope Macintosh blades 1 – 3 2002
Mackintosh 7007
Oxygen concentrators/Cylinders 5005
Patient stretcher 2002
Plaster sheer for removing P.O.P 1001
Proper waste disposal containers1001
Pulse Oximeter 0202
Resuscitation table for the new born 1001
Autoclave 1001
Sterilizer 1001
Sterilizer electric 1001
Suction Machine (electrical) 2002
Weighing scale for children1001
Weighing scale for adults3003
Wheelchair 5005
Delivery Beds2002
Gloves for Placenta removal 2002
Hot air oven2002
Probes 6006
Suction Machine electric or fast sucker 120012
Two Bedside Locker14200142
Drip stand with double hooks adjustable height. 12900129
Face masks (sizes 00-5). 6006
Kidney dishes (Large)130013
Kidney Dishes (Medium)5005
Kidney dishes (Small)6006
Instruments for scaling and root planning 400040
Light cure machine3003
Lower molar forceps 100010
Lower premolar forceps 6006
Mouth mirror 200020
Root elevators 100010
Upper incisor forceps 100010
X-Ray machine for dental diagnostic services1001
Corner chair5005
Cushions (Round pillows) 5005
Cushions (Wedges) 5005
Electrotherapy machines ( Infrared) 3003
Electrotherapy machines ( UV Radiation) 2002
Electrotherapy machines (CPM) 2002
Electrotherapy machines (Hydrocollator) 1001
Electrotherapy machines (IF)2002
Electrotherapy machines (SWD) 2002
Electrotherapy machines (TENS5005
Electrotherapy machines (US)5005
Fine Motor/Manipulation Toys: Threading beads, sensory stimulation200020
Games: pop up pirate, Mr & Mrs potato head, lotto, scrabble, word finding, matching, etc200020
Parallel bar 2002
Playing tools and toys200020
Playing tools and toys (Box of various tools and toys) 5005
Posture Mirror 3003
Set of pulleys fixed on the wall2002
Soft Toys: brush/comb, cars, trains, animals, etc.200020
Standing frame100010
Stationary bicycle 5005
Therapeutic exercise equipment ( re-education board) 2002
Therapeutic exercise equipment (balance board) 5005
Therapeutic exercise equipment (Bobath balls) 8008
Therapeutic exercise equipment (resistive band) 100010
Tilting table4004
Tread mill2002
Walking aids (crutches) 100010
Walking aids (rollator) 5005
Walking aids (sticks) 100010
Walking aids (walking frame) 100010
Wall bars (Single section, 270*86cm) 2002
Wall bars3003
Fire Extinguisher8008
Color coded bean10500105
Cupboard 140014
Medicine Trolley9009
BP Machine4004
Grinder machine 1001

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