Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone
Facility's Region
Facility's District
Facility's Council
Facility's Location 2410
Common Facility Name AVINTACARE
Registration ID 120339-7
CTC ID 120339-7
MTUHA Code 120339-7
MSD ID 120339-7


Facility Type 2
Facility Ownership Priv
Facility Operating Status 1
Facility Registration Status 7

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) -3.3750,36.7025
Location Description 2410
Waypoint Number
Service Areas(Villages)
Catchment Population
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 2021-04-08

Contact Information

Postal Address 2410
Postal Code 255
Official Phone # +255713596346
Official Fax # Not set
Official Email
Facility In-Charge Cadre 4844
Facility In-Charge Email Not set
Facility In-Charge NID Not set
Facility In-Charge Mobile Phone # Not set


Infrastructure DescriptionCategory Description
National GridSource of Energy
GeneratorSource of Energy
Piped Water into Health FacilitySource of Water
Tube Well or BoreholeSource of Water
IncineratorWaste Management
Flush Toilet Piped into Sewer SystemToilet Facility
Flush Toilet Piped into Septic TankToilet Facility
TTCLCommunication Network
AirtelCommunication Network
VodacomCommunication Network
TigoCommunication Network
HalotelCommunication Network
SmileCommunication Network
ZantelCommunication Network
Patient VehicleTransport
Administrative VehicleTransport

Service Offered

Service CategoryService Description
General Clinical ServicesIPD - Inpatient Services
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAntenatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesBreast Cancer
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesCervical Cancer
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesFamily Planning
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesCEmOC - Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesManagement of Hypertensive Pregnancies (Pre-eclampsia)
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesPostnatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesReproductive Cancer Screening and Management
General Clinical ServicesMinor Surgical Interventions
General Clinical ServicesOPD - Outpatient Services
Diagnostic ServicesLaboratory
TherapeuticsDispensing Room
Technical ServicesOffice of the In Charge
TherapeuticsCommunity Mobilization
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Dental Laboratory Services (Prosthesis)
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Emergency Dental Services
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Restoration
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Scaling
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Surgical Intervetion


Equipment DescriptionFunctionalNon FunctionalUnder MaintananceTotal
Advanced Ultrasound machine. 2002
Air compressor6006
Airway adult 6006
Airway infants 6006
All equipment and instruments for extraction and minor oral surgery550055
Ambu bag Adult6006
Ambu bag Neonate 4004
Anaesthetic Machine 1001
Anaesthetic trolley 2002
Angled torch 2002
B/P Machines 6006
Baby cot 4004
Baby Warmer 2002
Basic Ultrasound1001
Centrifuge Machine (Electrical, RCF, RPM) 2002
Chemistry Analyser (POC) 1001
Complete delivery beds with Mackintosh 2002
Blood mixer 1001
Clinical thermometer9009
Chattel forceps 6006
Bed Pans,6006
Complete sets of tooth extractions and minor operations. 4004
Delivery Kits 4004
Dental chair maneuverable to all operating positions 1001
Cupboard 4004
Dental unit to operate either air motor or turbine hand piece with connections for air and water. 1001
Dental OPG 1001
Diathermy machine 1001
Doctor’s operating stool4004
Distiller 1001
Dressing drums (deep-large, small, shallow-large, small) 1 each type. 4004
Drip stand 6006
Drip stands 100010
Dustbins Paddles.8008
Emergency Medicine Tray 2002
Equipment Trolley4004
Examination beds 6006
Examination light 4004
ICU Beds9009
Patient Beds150015
Hematology analyzer1001
Wheelchair 4004
Forceps 500050
Fire Extinguisher8008
Oxygen concentrators/Cylinders 4004
Kidney dishes (Large)120012
Suction machine for plastic moulding 2002
Incubator 2002
Walking aids (crutches) 8008
Laryngoscope Macintosh blades 1 – 3 4004
Laundry machine2002
Medicine Trolley4004

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