Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone Southern Zone
Facility's Region Mtwara Region
Facility's District Masasi District
Facility's Council Masasi DC
Facility's Location P.o Box 3 - Ndanda
Common Facility Name St. Benedict
Registration ID 107571-2
CTC ID 107571-2
MTUHA Code 107571-2
MSD ID 107571-2


Facility Type Hospital at Regional Level
Facility Ownership Private
Facility Operating Status Operating
Facility Registration Status Registered

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) -10.49819,39.0269
Location Description P.o Box 3 - Ndanda
Waypoint Number
Service Areas(Villages)
Catchment Population
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 1927-07-05

Contact Information

Postal Address P.o Box 3 - Ndanda
Postal Code Not set
Official Phone # +255784342008
Official Fax # Not set
Official Email
Facility In-Charge Namel ISAIAH MICHAEL SIENZ
Facility In-Charge Cadre 260
Facility In-Charge Email Not set
Facility In-Charge NID 19780826-63544-00001-26
Facility In-Charge Mobile Phone # 0714 038 429


Infrastructure DescriptionCategory Description
Flush/Pour Flush to Pit LatrineToilet Facility
Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (VIP)Toilet Facility
IncineratorWaste Management
Protected SpringSource of Water
National GridSource of Energy
TTCLCommunication Network
AirtelCommunication Network
TigoCommunication Network
Patient VehicleTransport
Administrative VehicleTransport
Public TransportTransport

Service Offered

Service CategoryService Description
General Clinical ServicesOPD - Outpatient Services
General Clinical ServicesIMCI - Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
General Clinical ServicesDiabetes Care and Treatment
General Clinical ServicesGeneral Ophthalmology
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentSlide Microscopy
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentmRDT - Rapid Diagnostic Tests
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentFirst Line Treatment
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentTreatment of Complicated Malaria
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentSmear Microscopy
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentTuberculosis Culture
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentMDRTB Treatment
Cardiovascular Care and TreatmentECHO
HIV/AIDS PreventionSTI - Management of Sexually Transmitted Illness
HIV/AIDS PreventionVCT - Voluntary Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionPITC - Provider Initiated Testing And Counseling
HIV/AIDS PreventionDCT - Diagnostic Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionEID - Early Infant Diagnosis
HIV/AIDS PreventionPMTCT - Maternity (MAT PMTCT)
HIV/AIDS PreventionVMMC - Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Services
HIV/AIDS PreventionPEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentHIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentPed ART - Pediatric ART Only
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentAdult ART - Adult ART Only
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentBoth Adult and Pediatric
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentHBC - Home and Community Based Care
TherapeuticsDispensing Room
Health Promotion and Disease PreventionEpidemiological Surveillance and Response
Health Promotion and Disease PreventionCommunity Mobilization
Health Promotion and Disease PreventionSchool Health Intervention
Health Promotion and Disease PreventionPsychosocial Support
Diagnostic ServicesLaboratory
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesFamily Planning
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAntenatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesPostnatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAdolescent Reproductive Health Services
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesBEmOC - Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesCEmOC - Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care
Growth Monitoring / Nutrition SurveillanceVaccination
Growth Monitoring / Nutrition SurveillanceIMM-BASIC - Basic Immunization
Oral Health Service (Dental Services)Dental Laboratory Services (Prosthesis)
Support ServicesKitchen Services
Support ServicesMortuary Services
ENT ServicesENT Services


Equipment DescriptionFunctionalNon FunctionalUnder MaintananceTotal
Pressure Pot1001
Boiling Pot1001
A spittoon that can be kept clean 100010
Adult and Paediatric resuscitator sets 100010
Advanced Ultrasound machine. 3003
Air compressor8008
Suction Machine (Electrical and/or Foot) 2 2002
Suction Machine (electrical) 320032
X-ray viewer 6006
Refrigerator with freezing compartment6006
Weighing scale for adults240024
Weighing scale for children8008
Pulse Oximeter 190019
BP Machine180018
Microscope Binocular (Electrical)190019
chemistry analyzer machine2002
Biosafety Cabinet1001
Pipette adjustable (200 – 1000L5005
Blood gas analzer1001
Blood mixer 2002
Electrical Centrifuge machine2002
Hematology analyzer2002
Incubator with adjustable temperature and separate oxygen supply 2002
Mortuary Refrigerators 1001
Incubator 1001
Blood Bank Refrigerator2002
Urine analyser Machine1001
Hot plate 1001
Water bath 1001
Sterilizer 100212
Hot air oven8008
Digital C-arm 2002
operating light 6006
Diathermy machine 6006
Oxygen concentrators/Cylinders 200222
Jig saw 5005
Oscillating Machine (POP Cut) 4004
Light source lamp 2002
Baby Warmer 5005
Laundry machine4015
Cold room1001
Electrotherapy machines (TENS3003
Haemocontrol Machine4004
Walking frame3003
ICU Beds4004
Dental chair maneuverable to all operating positions 5005
Dental OPG 1001
Dental Periapical x-ray 1001
Foetal monitor 2002
Baby cot 170017
Infant warming and resuscitation cart 5005
CT scan (64 Slice) 1001
General radiography x-ray equipment3003
CR-System 2002
Hormone Analyzer2002
CD4/CD8 Cell monitoring Machine1001
Haemoque Machine2002
Haemoglobin Machine5005
Fuchs Rosenthal chamber 1001
Maximum/Minimum thermometer9009
Microscope (Fluorescence)1001
Measuring cylinder3003
pH meter1001
Stop Watch,9009
Tally counter4004
Probes 5005
Weighing scale (Analytical) 0.000-1000gm 2002
Immunization trays 1001
Shaker 1001
Vaporizers 4318
Complete Anaesthesia, Resuscitation And Airway Management System (Boyles Machine) Consisting Of Oxygen Source, Vaporizers, Hoses, Valves, Bellows Or Bag To Inflate Lungs 6006
Anaesthetic Machine 1001
Distiller 2002
Denture flasks 120012
Hand piece-contra angle 5005
Hand pieces (low and high speed)5005
Hand piece-straight 5005
Light cure machine4004
Lower molar forceps 500050
Lower premolar forceps 700070
Extraction forceps 15000150

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