Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone Eastern Zone
Facility's Region Dar es Salaam Region
Facility's District Kinondoni District
Facility's Council Kinondoni MC
Facility's Location P.O. Box 23310
Common Facility Name CCBRT
Registration ID 100681-6
CTC ID 100681-6
MTUHA Code 100681-6
MSD ID 100681-6


Facility Type Hospital at Zonal Level
Facility Ownership Private
Facility Operating Status Operating
Facility Registration Status Registered

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) -6.76786,39.27119
Location Description P.O. Box 23310
Waypoint Number
Service Areas(Villages)
Catchment Population
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 2000-08-26

Contact Information

Postal Address P.O. Box 23310
Postal Code Not set
Official Phone # 0699990001
Official Fax # Not set
Official Email
Facility In-Charge Namel Cyprian Gabriel Ntomoka
Facility In-Charge Cadre 4380
Facility In-Charge Email
Facility In-Charge NID 19780070-14105-00003-20
Facility In-Charge Mobile Phone # 0713 935 269


Infrastructure DescriptionCategory Description
IncineratorWaste Management
Piped Water into Health FacilitySource of Water
Tube Well or BoreholeSource of Water
National GridSource of Energy
Rainwater HarvestingSource of Water
Flush Toilet Piped into Septic TankToilet Facility
Accessible(Disabled) toiletToilet Facility
AirtelCommunication Network
Public TransportTransport

Service Offered

Service CategoryService Description
Cardiovascular Care and TreatmentECHO
HIV/AIDS PreventionSTI - Management of Sexually Transmitted Illness
HIV/AIDS PreventionVCT - Voluntary Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionPITC - Provider Initiated Testing And Counseling
HIV/AIDS PreventionDCT - Diagnostic Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionPEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentPed ART - Pediatric ART Only
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentAdult ART - Adult ART Only
TherapeuticsDispensing Room
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesGBV Trauma Counseling
Emergency PreparednessBasic Emergency Preparedness
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAdolescent Reproductive Health Services
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAntenatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesCEmOC - Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesFamily Planning
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesManagement of Hypertensive Pregnancies (Pre-eclampsia)
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesMaternal and Newborn Care
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentFirst Line Treatment
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentmRDT - Rapid Diagnostic Tests
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentSlide Microscopy
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentTreatment of Complicated Malaria
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentSmear Microscopy
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyBlood film for haemoparasites
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyBlood Smear for Haemoparasites
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyMalaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (mRDT)
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyOccult Blood
Laboratory Service-ParasitologySerological test
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyStool Analysis
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyStool Sedimentation(Cells,Ova,Cyst and Protozoa)
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyUrine Analysis
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyUrine sedimentation
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyBlood Test
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyCryptococcal in CSF
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyCulture and Sensitivity
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyCulture Test
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyIdentification Test
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyIndian Ink
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyOral pharyngeal swab
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyPus,exudates/swabs
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySensitivity Test
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySkin Scrapping for Fungal Elements
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySperm Analysis
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySputum Smear for AFB
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyStool Test
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySwabs for Gram Stain
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologySwabs for Wet
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyUrethral Swab
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyUrine Test
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyVigal Swab
Laboratory Service-SerologyAnt Streptolysin O Titre (ASOT)
Laboratory Service-SerologyBrucella Weil’s test
Laboratory Service-SerologyDengue Haemorrhagic fever
Laboratory Service-SerologyHelicobacter pylori
Laboratory Service-SerologyHepatitis B Surface Antigen Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyHepatitis C Surface Antigen Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyHIV Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyHormonal Tests
Laboratory Service-SerologyHuman papilloma virus
Laboratory Service-SerologyHuman Papiloma Virus
Laboratory Service-SerologyProstate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Laboratory Service-SerologyRapid Tests
Laboratory Service-SerologyRheumatoid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologyRPR/ VDRL Rapid Test
Laboratory Service-SerologySyphilis (TPHA/TPPA) test
Laboratory Service-SerologyTumor Markers
Laboratory Service-SerologyWidal test
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionABO Blood Grouping
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionAntibody identification methods
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBleeding Indices
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBleeding Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBlood Cross matching
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionBlood Indices
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionCD4 Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionClotting Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionCollection and Storage of blood
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionCoomb’s Test
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionEosinophils Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionFull Blood Picture
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionG6PD (Methylene blue reduction)
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionHaemoglobin Estimation
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionHb electrophoresis
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionHepatitis B and C Screening
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionHIV ELISA
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionPlatelets Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionReticulocyte count Prothrombin Time
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionSickle Cell Screening Test
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionSyphillis antibody (Commercial kits)
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionWhite Blood Cell Differential Count
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionWhite Blood Cell Total Count
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryAmylase
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryBlood gas analysis
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryBlood Sugar/ Glucose Test (POCT)
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryCardiac Profile Tests
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryCRP (POCT)
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryElectrolytes
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryEnzyme commercial kits
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryGlycosylated Haemoglobin
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryLipid Profile Test
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryLiver Function Tests
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryProtein (Commercial kits)
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryProtein (Electrophoresis)
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryRenal Function Test
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryRenal Function Tests
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryUPT
Laboratory Service-Clinical ChemistryUric acids
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyAspirates
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyBody Fluids
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyCytology Tests
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyEnzyme histochemistry
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyExfoliative cytochemistry
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyImmuno cytochemistry
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyImmuno histochemistry
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyPap Smears
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologySeminal analysis
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologySeminal Fluid
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyTissue Autopsy
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyTissue Biopsy
Laboratory Service-Histopathology and CytologyTissue processing
Laboratory Service-Haematology and Blood TransfusionCD4 Count
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryFax – kit reagents
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryFlow Cytometry
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryHIV antigen
Laboratory Service-SerologyHIV Viral Load
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryImmunogenotyping
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryImmunophenotyping
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryMicrobacterial isolation
Laboratory Service-TB LaboratoryPCR Reagent kit


Equipment DescriptionFunctionalNon FunctionalUnder MaintananceTotal
Sterilizer 1001
Safety Box1001
Mortuary Refrigerators 6006
Oxygen concentrators/Cylinders 140014
Microscope Binocular (Electrical)4004
Centrifuge Machine (Electrical, RCF, RPM) 6006
Operating table6006
Complete delivery beds with Mackintosh 2002
Adult and Paediatric resuscitator sets 200020
Air compressor140014
B/P Machines 150015
Baby cot 400040
Baby Warmer 5005
Basic Ultrasound4004
Complete anaesthesia, resuscitation and airway management system (Boyles machine) consisting of Oxygen source 4004
Delivery Kits 100010
Diagnostic Set100010
Examination beds 180018
Examination light 180018
Emergency Medicine Tray 6006
Incubator with adjustable temperature and separate oxygen supply 1001
Patient Beds16000160
Delivery Beds180018
Weighing scale for adults170017
Autoclave 2002
Major operating light6006
Deep freezer5005
Shaker (horizontal) 1001
Blood mixer 4004
Blood gas analzer1001
Blood Bank Refrigerator4004
Full Blood Picture Machine2002
Bd Bactec (BLOOD Culture Machine)1001
Incubator 1001
Hot air oven2002
Water bath 4004
Urine analyser Machine2002
Chemiluminescence immunoassay 2002
Immunophenotyping Analyzer2002
chemistry analyzer machine2002
Centrifuge Machine (Electrical, RCF, RPM) 4004
Refrigerated Centrifuge2002
Electrophoresis Machine1001
Cool box4004
ELISA reader 1001
ELISA washer1001
Multichannel pipette (10 - 1001
Measuring cylinder (1000ml)5005
Measuring cylinder (100ml)100010
Measuring cylinder (10ml)100010
Measuring cylinder (500ml)100010
Measuring cylinder (50ml)4004
Reagent bottles (250ml) 100010
Reagent bottles (500ml) 100010
ESR Machine1001
Washing bowls1001
HIV Viral Load Machine1001

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