Identification & Administrative Division

Facility's Zone Eastern Zone
Facility's Region Dar es Salaam Region
Facility's District Kinondoni District
Facility's Council Kinondoni MC
Facility's Location Box 60498 Dar es salaam
Common Facility Name Antonio Verna
Registration ID 108704-8
CTC ID 108704-8
MTUHA Code 108704-8
MSD ID 108704-8


Facility Type Dispensary
Facility Ownership Private
Facility Operating Status Operating
Facility Registration Status Registered

Physical Location

Geo-coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) -6.73669,39.22851
Location Description Box 60498 Dar es salaam
Waypoint Number
Service Areas(Villages)
Catchment Population
Date Opened/Inaugurated/Upgraded 1997-06-09

Contact Information

Postal Address Box 60498 Dar es salaam
Postal Code 108704-8
Official Phone # 769646793
Official Fax # Not set
Official Email
Facility In-Charge Namel Christiana Peter Seda
Facility In-Charge Cadre MCTER4825
Facility In-Charge Email Not set
Facility In-Charge NID 19621215-14121-00002-11
Facility In-Charge Mobile Phone # 0769646793


Infrastructure DescriptionCategory Description
National GridSource of Energy
GeneratorSource of Energy
Flush Toilet Piped into Septic TankToilet Facility
IncineratorWaste Management
Piped Water into Health FacilitySource of Water
Public Tap or StandpipeSource of Water
Rainwater HarvestingSource of Water
Water harvesting with storage tankSource of Water

Service Offered

Service CategoryService Description
General Clinical ServicesOPD - Outpatient Services
General Clinical ServicesNutritional Counseling
General Clinical ServicesMinor Surgical Interventions
HIV/AIDS PreventionSTI - Management of Sexually Transmitted Illness
HIV/AIDS PreventionVCT - Voluntary Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionPITC - Provider Initiated Testing And Counseling
HIV/AIDS PreventionDCT - Diagnostic Counseling and Testing
HIV/AIDS PreventionEID - Early Infant Diagnosis
HIV/AIDS PreventionPMTCT - Maternity (MAT PMTCT)
HIV/AIDS PreventionPEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentHIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentPed ART - Pediatric ART Only
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentAdult ART - Adult ART Only
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentBoth Adult and Pediatric
HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentHBC - Home and Community Based Care
TherapeuticsDispensing Room
Diagnostic ServicesLaboratory
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesAntenatal Care
Reproductive and Child Health Care ServicesPostnatal Care
Growth Monitoring / Nutrition SurveillanceIMM-BASIC - Basic Immunization
Laboratory Service-SerologyWidal test
Malaria Diagnosis and TreatmentmRDT - Rapid Diagnostic Tests
TB Diagnosis, Care and TreatmentSmear Microscopy
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyMalaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (mRDT)
Laboratory Service-ParasitologySerological test
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyStool Analysis
Laboratory Service-ParasitologyUrine Analysis
Laboratory Service-MicrobiologyUrethral Swab


Equipment DescriptionFunctionalNon FunctionalUnder MaintananceTotal
Safety Box1001
B/P Machines 5005
Basic Ultrasound1001
Bed Pans,2002
Bench press 4004
Cannula 500050
Blood mixer 1001
Chemistry Analyser (POC) 1001
Centrifuge Machine (Electrical, RCF, RPM) 1001
Clinical thermometer5005
Cold boxes 2002
Dressing drum assorted sizes4004
Dressing trolley 4004
Dressing tray5005
Dustbins Paddles.260026
Educational materials (e.g., Anatomical charts/ models/skeleton) 3003
Drip stands 2002
Angled torch 1001
Dysphagia Assessment: Tongue depressor, torch, gloves, stethoscope5005
Electrical Centrifuge machine1001
Emergency Medicine Tray 2002
Examination beds 7007
Emergency Tray with medicines 2002
Face masks (sizes 00-5). 500050
Examination light 1001
Fire Extinguisher3003
Haematology Analyser (POC) 1001
Height measuring Scale 1001
Hot air oven1001
Foetoscope 2002
Immunization trays/Vaccine carrier/cold box1001
Measuring cylinder (1000ml)2002
Water bath 1001
Light Microscope2002
Incubator 1001
Linen Cupboard1001
Maximum/Minimum thermometer3003
Refrigerator with freezing compartment3003
Screen Four Folds5005
Autoclave 1001
Pen Torch3003
Stop Watch,1102
Urine analyser Machine1102
Full Blood Picture Machine1001
ESR Machine1001

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